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My Afternoon Lost in London

by Casey Cuthbert

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Imagine this: it’s a Wednesday, late morning, and you have the rest of the day free in the beautiful city of London. Wow, what a dream come true! In case you couldn’t tell, this story is about myself and my sister Anna as we got out of class –from the Tate Modern Museum next to the river. What better way to spend the day other than exploring?

We didn’t have a set idea of where we wanted to go, and that made exploring all the better. Our first stop was the lovely Borough Market, can someone please say YUM. This market, one of many in London, is made up of different food stalls, each with completely delicious food. After sampling various items, we both decided to grab some sandwiches, one corned beef and the other hog. Needless to say I’m going to the market hungry next time to enjoy even more food!

Borough Market london england study abroad

unnamed (7)Our next stop, once again not planned, ended up being a cute little restaurant on the river called the London Riviera. This was an outdoor bar and grill that was a complete urban paradise! There were lounge chairs, food and drinks, and a live musician, all right in the middle of the city. If I closed my eyes it would have felt just like a beach, but if I opened them I had a spectacular view of the Tower Bridge and City Hall. I am definitely planning on going back!

Our last unofficial/official stop of the afternoon was the one and only Harrods, sigh. This beauteous department store is my personal dream come true and the perfect note to end the afternoon on.

If all of this can happen in a few hours, I’m so excited to see what the rest of my time here will bring!

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