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908 Feet Above Sea Level

by Kelli Schneider

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study abroad athens greece Mt. Lycabettus view sunset

Today, I not only accomplished the impossible, but I had a bird’s eye view of all of Athens, all taking place during the most magnificent sunset. We hiked up over fifty flights of stairs to the top of Mt. Lycabettus in Athens. It is 908 feet above sea level and is a short, but thoroughly exhausting hike. There is a cable car that runs until 3:00 p.m. each day, but we were going for the hike and the view of the sunset, which happened to be the view.

Mt. Lycabettus view sunset athens greece study abroad

After a lot of huffing and puffing and sore calves, we finally arrived at the top. It was completely unreal and one of the most beautiful sights, not only in Athens, but in Greece. You see everything from the Acropolis, to the Temple of Zeus, to the old Olympic Stadium, and even the harbor. It is a spectacular view and the pictures cannot do it justice. There is a chapel, Saint George, tiny and quaint, at the top that is open to visitors. I did not get to experience the restaurant located at the top! You sit and eat dinner overlooking all of Athens. Who would pass that up?!

Saint George Chapel Mt. Lycabettus athens greece study abroad

In Greek, the area is called Lykavittos, which means where the wolves go. As legend has it, it used to be a refuge for the wolves. This is a place not to miss when in Greece! Still in awe of the tranquility and beauty that is Athens.

view athens Mt. Lycabettus study abroad athens greece

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