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AIFS Regional Directors Go Abroad This Summer

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Last Updated on March 11, 2020 by AIFS Abroad

Regional Directors Maura, Jessi and Michelle will travel to Europe this summer to work on AIFS programs as Assistant Resident Directors. In this capacity they will have an opportunity to experience all aspects of the programs and interact with students daily in Prague, Granada and London, respectively.

Maura, who will be in Prague, said, “I am thrilled for the chance to work on-site with AIFS in the Czech Republic this summer. I look forward to returning with an ability to provide prospective students and university partners with an even more in-depth perspective on AIFS in Prague.”

Director of Alumni Relations, Angela Manginelli, worked as an Assistant Resident Director on the AIFS Globe Theatre Program in 2013 and has fond memories of her time in London:

Working in London was an excellent opportunity to learn the nuances of the programs that I speak about on a daily basis. I especially loved getting to work closely with our Globe Program, as the students learn from the same staff who teach the professional actors and get to see a lot of behind-the-scenes aspects of the theater that aren’t open to the general public. Being able to see the students arrive overwhelmed and excited, and then leaving the program having made such a connection to the city and each other was a wonderful reminder of why I work in this field.

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