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How to Successfully Backpack Europe on Your Weekends

by Casey Cuthbert

Hello everyone! This past weekend was my first travelling outside of England and let me just say how amazing it was! I was lucky enough to go to Edinburgh, Scotland, and with my travels I may have picked up a tip or two for weekend travels.

  1. Pack light

This is coming from the queen of over-packers, but trust me when I say you won’t want to be carrying around any extra baggage that you need to! It was a real struggle, but my shoulders were thanking me for not bringing that extra pair of shoes.

  1. Check the weather before you go

This goes along with not over-packing, because it helps to pack the right gear. I checked the weather before I left for Scotland and I was glad I did: it was considerably colder there than back in cozy London! Having the right gear for the weather, whether it’s hot or cold, makes any trip more enjoyable.

  1. Do your research

Whether you’re planning to stay in a hotel or a hostel, plan this before you leave for your destination. Websites like Hostel World, Airbnb, and Expedia offer great deals and helpful reviews. Here’s a tip I found: check to see where the location is in terms of how close it is to the city center, for most cities this is where a lot of the action happens and where you’ll want to be!

  1. Keep an open mind

edinburgh scotland study abroad travelSince you’re in a foreign country, immerse yourself into the culture! If the national food is haggis and mash (which yes I did try this weekend), give it the good ole college try!

  1. Plan ahead

If you and your group aren’t 100% sure on what you want to do on your weekend adventure, that’s alright, but it can’t hurt to look ahead! This way you have some options and you can leave feeling that you made the best of your time abroad.

These were just a few tips, but hopefully these help the next time you’re looking for some weekend travel plans!


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