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Impressions of Europe

by Lauren Franklin
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Many Americans do not get the chance to leave the country. And so we have impressions of what other countries are like. I have only been out of the country once, and that was to Canada. While I am ecstatic for my trip to Europe, I am nervous too.

My impressions of Europe have me thinking of some of my favorite movies such as When in Rome or Taken. These movies have me asking “Is Europe really like that?” Of course I realize that these aren’t realistic, but it has me curious as to what Europe is really like. As I said I am so excited to leave America and travel but I am also nervous for many reasons.

I don’t speak any other language but English. I am nervous that I won’t be able to understand people and they won’t understand me. I am nervous about getting around by train or bus. And the last thing I am nervous about is using euros! I have never had to deal with foreign money and it makes me a little nervous because I don’t want to look like I don’t know what I am doing (which I don’t).

One of the main reasons I chose to study abroad was because I wanted to experience different cultures and see the world. I know Europe is going to give me the experience of a lifetime! And though nervous, I can’t wait to see what these five weeks have in store for me.

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