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New Semester Program in Berlin

by AIFS Study Abroad
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We’ve added an exciting new academic partnership for 2016-2017. Starting spring 2016, AIFS is offering a semester study abroad program in Berlin through Freie Universität Berlin. The European Studies Program is designed for American students, with a wide array of courses offered and academic and cultural excursions included to enhance classroom learning.

The details: courses are taught in English (except German language) and are scheduled Monday through Thursday; all students are required to take German language, no previous study of German is required; the minimum, and recommended, course load is four courses, including German language; students can take a fifth course with approval from their home institution.

Two program tracks are available: Experiential Beginning German for students with no prior German language study, and Intensive German for German language major/minor students or students interested in advancing their studies. Intensive German students take two courses in German, typically progressing from one level to the next in a semester. Students can enroll in the Intensive German track at beginner level.

European Studies Program

The European Studies Program at FU Berlin was created in 2005 and is specifically designed to meet the academic needs of U.S. university students. This program is aimed at students interested in the history and culture of Germany within the context of Europe, and for students interested in beginning or advancing their German language skills. Courses are available in arts and humanities, business and economics, international relations, music and cinema, German language and more.

Courses include:

  • Integration, Conflict, and Security in Europe
  • History of Central European Classical Music: Baroque to
  • Perspectives on 20th Century Art in Central Europe
  • German Cinema to 1945
  • Berlin: History, Memory, Literature
  • European Business Cultures: Management and Marketing in
    Cross-National Perspective
  • Green Business
  • Environmental Politics and Policy in Europe

Cultural Activities

As part of the FU-BEST academic program students re invited to participate in three visits to important historic sites. These take place on Friday and participation in at least one of these visits is mandatory. Excursions include:

  • The Chancellor’s Office (Bundeskanzleramt)
  • The site of the former Nazi concentration camp at
  • The former prison complex in Berlin – Hohenschönhausen
    of East Germany’s state security police (Stasi).

Read more about the program and see more courses on our website.

Questions? Contact our Admissions Advisers at (800) 727-2437 – studyabroad@aifs.com

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