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Packing for Paris

by Taylor Scholl
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I have always had a love for the city of Paris, and in less than a week I will be there! Paris is considered to be the fashion capital of the world and because I have a love of fashion, I’ve taken it upon myself to dress the part. Nothing is worse than walking around the city looking like an American tourist. To avoid that problem, I have put together some tips for what to leave and what to bring so you can become your own Parisian girl!


Once I arrive in Pairs, I want to hit the ground running and explore the city, so I want to make sure I have comfortable and supportive footwear that will survive the treks. Though tennis shoes and running shoes are perfect for walking, they are not popular footwear for a typical French woman. I’ve packed casual sneakers that are less athletic yet still comfortable. I am also bringing sandals, but it is important to consider the functionality of the shoe. Nothing is worse than getting blisters on your feet on day one. Avoid bringing flip flops; they are sloppy and lack durability. The shoes that you pack should be versatile and functional. I don’t know about you, but I am going to be doing a lot of walking and I want to be able to circle the city blister free.


In general, French women tend to dress up a bit more than Americans. Sweatpants and workout wear are clothing items the French leave at the gym. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring workout clothes, but maybe don’t make it an all-day look. If you are looking for something comfortable to replace the leggings, I recommend rompers. They are an easy item to pack, and the cotton rompers feel like pajamas but still look presentable: perfect for travel.


A friend of mine warned me that Parisians haven’t picked up on the graphic tee trend. T-shirts that say French sayings such as Bonjour, C’est La Vie or Amour for example are frowned upon. They don’t understand the purpose of simple phrases on t-shirts and see them as silly. Despite the faux pas, I am taking the risk and packing one graphic tee, which just says Paris. Paris nights can be chilly so make sure to pack versatile and lightweight cardigans or jackets that will go with the rest of your clothing.


French fashion focuses more on skirts, pants, and capris so try to avoid packing numerous pairs of shorts. When packing, I chose to stick with neutral bottoms I could easily mix and match with fun colors and pattern tops. A cotton skirt is a perfection option that provides comfort and ease. Dresses are common among French women and are easy outfits.


Bag & Jewelry:

Pickpocketing can be an issue. So bags worn out of your sight such as backpack or purses with zipper openings provide easy access to your belongings. I have chosen to bring a small cross body that has a locket opening. Jewelry is another item that can attract the eye of a pickpocket. I left my expensive jewelry at home and instead brought my more inexpensive options.

Scarves & Hats:

Scarves and hats are popular in French fashion and are an easy way to change up your outfits. One benefit of packing a scarf is that it can work as a shawl to keep warm in the evening. I always consider a scarf essential for all travel, especially those chilly plane rides.

Stay tuned to see these pieces in action and more of my Parisian adventure.

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