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The Night Before

by Faye Lax
study abroad pre departure

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It’s the night before I leave for my Rome excursion and then to Greece. I’m filled with an abundance of mixed feelings; I assume everyone else is as well. I am going to a foreign country that speaks a foreign  language, with people who I have never met in my life. But people from all over the country are coming together on this program and that’s pretty incredible if you ask me.

The hardest part is definitely packing. I either pack too much or too little. But I’ll stop complaining because in all honesty, I am excited for this summer. Am I nervous? Well kinda. I had a routine during the year: classes, meals, gym and socializing. I live a very healthy lifestyle with a visit to the gym five times a week, but in a new country, these things could change. The food will be different. I love trying new things, though I am a vegetarian so my options are limited.

The friendships that I hope to build are definitely on top of my list of priorities, and from emails with others attending the program, they feel the same. My excitement beats any worry I may have. I am so ready for this adventure, the unknown can be scary but, after all, “travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering into the unknown.”

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