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The Art of London

by Katie Cook

Last Updated on December 14, 2018 by Cat Rogliano

We have arrived in London! We were told that we brought the sunshine as the weather is gorgeous! With a packed itinerary, we see everything we can and accept that the rest must be saved for a future trip. So we put on our walking shoes, ready to explore the beauty of London.

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We paid a visit to a few of our favorite artists (pictured below: Berckheyde and van Eyck) at the National Gallery, which is home to just a mere 2,300 masterpieces…


A wonderful part of London is that most museums have free admission. Thankfully, we have our professor to help guide us through these grand museums.

national gallery art london study abroad

We strayed away from the classics one morning and gave the Tate Modern a visit. As the name suggests, the Tate is beaming with modern art, from a 1900 Picasso to a 2007 purposely placed crack in the museum floor. The Tate is a place that excitedly accepts the challenge that art comes in all forms!

tate modern london england modern art study abroadtate modern london england modern art study abroad

Although it’s easy to claim a confused understanding of modern art, the Tate was a nice contrast, having spent the last few days immersed in art from centuries past. Whether you are Raphael painting in the 13th century or a modern artist working in 2015, you are conveying the world you are living in. And though the mediums are different, the intention is the same: evoke emotion.

We also made sure to see:

  • Westminster Abbey
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • The Victoria & Albert Museum

westminster abbey london study abroad

st. paul's cathedral london england london eye study abroad

victoria albert museum sculpture gallery art london england study abroad

On my free day, I chose an excursion to Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and the Roman Baths. We also managed to see a Broadway musical, view the city atop the London eye and order some famous fish and chips!

roman baths london england uk study abroad art architecture

fish and chips london alley street row houses england study abroad

London has the sparkle of the Royal family, every form of entertainment imaginable, and streets to stroll for days. All with such a classy air to it. It is truly a city that truly offers something for every person.

Cheers for now, London! Now off to catch our ferry to Amsterdam.

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