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5 Ways to Stay Fit While Studying Abroad

by Morgan McCann

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1. Take advantage of planned group activities

My program has had a walking tour through a different part of Granada almost every week. These are great ways to get exercise, especially if they are uphill like in Granada. They are also a great way to explore the city. My program also has weekly deportes where students can play a different sport together like soccer or basketball.

2. Walk everywhere

In Granada, I have yet to take a bus except for when we went to the feria which was on the further end of the city. The residencia is centrally located and it doesn’t take more than 20 minutes to walk most places. I enjoy walking to class every day and it’s a great way to work off all the bread and gelato. You may not be able to walk everywhere if you’re in a larger city, but try to as much as possible; you’ll save money too!

exercise park granada spain exercise parks europe3. Exercise parks

Each time I explore a different area of Granada, I find another exercise park. I love the idea of going on a walk or run and stopping at the park to do some workouts on the outdoor machines. In Granada they are located inside regular parks and also along Rio Genil which has a nice bike/running path as well.

4. Join a gym

For those of you who are like me and the gym is part of your daily routine at home, it could be a hard routine to break. I found a gym that was offering a student summer discount, had no sign up fee, and you could pay month to month. It’s nice to go when it’s too hot to exercise outside.

5. Be creative

You can still work out without a gym membership. There are countless exercises that you can do just about anywhere. There are workouts you can do in your room with the use of your bed, chair, or small floor space. There are park bench workouts and things that you can do on a set of stairs. Just be creative and make it fun.

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