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A Tour of London (in Photos)

by Jillian Lovell
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study abroad london selfie

Hi! I couldn’t resist a quick selfie!

My study program is in Prague, but those of us who opted for the flight package have been lucky enough to have a couple days in London. It has been a nice way to adjust to being away from home and immersed in another culture, while still feeling somewhat familiar.

We had an excellent bus and walking tour with a really wonderful guide, followed by independent sightseeing that I did with a friend.

Most AIFS programs in Europe have a London Stopover as part of the flight package. It consists of two nights and two days in London. The group arrives, meets each other, has a mix of guided tours and free time and gets a taste of being abroad before the real thing. The third day is travel day and everyone is off to their final destination.

This is my day of sightseeing, in pictures.

buckingham palace london england study abroad

Our first stop on the tour was, of course, Buckingham Palace

guards buckingham palace changing watch london travel study abroad

Not the Official Changing of the Guard Ceremony, but they were changing watch.

house of parliament london england study abroad travel

Next we saw the Houses of Parliament.

house of parliament london england study abroad

It’s so big and so beautiful, it really can’t be captured in just one photo.

house of parliament london england study abroad

So I’ve elected to provide three.

big ben london clouds england

Also with the Houses of Parliament, we saw Big Ben. This was by far my favorite shot of the day.

national gallery london art history england museums

The National Gallery. Inside, you can find every major artist and every major school of art, and it’s free to get in.

fleet street london england travel study abroad

Unfortunately we didn’t see Johnny Depp in full Sweeney Todd costume, but it’s a beautiful street nonetheless.

black friar pub london england

The Black Friar Pub. I just found the exterior and that statue of the cheerful-looking friar absolutely charming.

lyceum theater theatre london england

The Lyceum Theatre where John Lennon played his last show.

shakespeare skulls london england

A rather offbeat tribute to William Shakespeare. “All the world’s a stage, and…one man in his time plays many parts.”

bombed church wwII london blitz

This is the shell of a church that was bombed during the blitz of London during World War II. What’s most amazing about London is that you can find a beautiful gem of history right alongside something modern. This city is alive and always growing and changing.

bombed church wwII london blitz garden

The remains of the church have been made into a lovely garden.

st. paul's cathedral london england

No tour of London’s sights would be complete without St. Paul’s Cathedral. I have to admit that I had songs from “Mary Poppins,” particularly “Feed the Birds,” playing in my head as I gazed at this beautiful building.

london red phone booth wifi study abroad travel

The obligatory red phone booth shot. They are pretty cool to see everywhere, and an added bonus is that many of the phone boxes around London now double as WiFi hotspots.

admiralty arch london england

The Admiralty Arch that separates Trafalgar Square from The Mall (a street running from Buckingham Palace to Trafalgar Square).

covent garden london england flowers my fair lady

Covent Garden, where our tour ended. Fun fact: Covent Garden was once the center of the flower-selling market, and it’s where Professor Henry Higgins discovered Eliza Doolittle in the musical “My Fair Lady.”

interior cloister westminster abbey london

This is the cloister inside Westminster Abbey. We went by the Abbey during the tour but didn’t go inside, so I returned with a friend to see the whole thing. It costs £20 to get in, or £17 if you have a valid student ID. Totally worth it, in my opinion.

interior cloister stained glass windows westminster abbey london

The Chapter House is the only interior area of the abbey where you can take pictures. The ceiling and the stained glass windows are breathtaking, and there are also beautiful biblical murals on the walls.

westminster abbey london

The exterior of the abbey is as breathtaking as the interior.

So that was my day of sightseeing in London. Of course, there is way more to see than what I have pictured here. This is just a sampling of a truly incredible city. It has been a great start to my adventures abroad!

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