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Oxford Day Trip

by Marissa Muller

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AIFS puts on a lot of different day trips during the weekend for my summer session. This week my friends on the program and I all decided we wanted to go on the day trip to Oxford. We were all curious to see what one of the best universities in the world is like firsthand as Oxford is the kind of school every college bound kid dreams of going to one day. Oxford did not disappoint and lived up to the hype.

oxford campus university england london study abroadWe began the day bright and early and were on the bus at 8:30 in the morning. It was about an hour and a half bus ride from London to Oxford and once we arrived we were divided into two smaller groups to tour the campus more intimately. Our tour guide led us around campus and told us all about the history of Oxford.

The buildings were so beautiful and many of them date back centuries. Oxford is huge and is composed of 38 individual colleges. We only toured one, but it was great to peak inside this unique and historic university. I was amazed that students could call a place like this their home. Some of those students include Bill Clinton, C.S. Lewis, and J.R. Tolkien. Not going to lie though, my favorite part of the tour was seeing where they filmed part of the Harry Potter movies. I am a huge Harry Potter nerd and being able to see the filming locations was unbelievable; I geeked out a little bit too much.

oxford campus harry potter dining hall university england london study abroad

After we explored the university, we then had free time to explore the city. We shopped for some cheesy Oxford souvenirs (we had to do it) and got lunch at a pub. Then we went to a museum and walked around the center of campus before it was time to head back to London. All in all, it was a wonderful day trip and I am so grateful that AIFS provided such an amazing experience.

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