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Updates From Summer Students Abroad

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Last Updated on March 11, 2020 by AIFS Abroad

big ben london clouds england study abroadOur summer programs are in full swing and our student bloggers are keeping us up to date on what’s going on all around the globe. Check out the Student section of our blog and browse posts from all of our excellent student bloggers, from Costa Rica to South Africa. Here are a few of our favorite blog posts from this summer so far:

A Tour of London (in Photos). Jillian is studying abroad in Prague, but she captured a day of exploring during the London Stopover in photos. Take your own tour of London by reading her post here.

How to Survive When You Don’t Know the Languagestudy abroad italy students. Casey is studying in London, but she took a weekend trip to Naples and had to scramble to communicate with the Italians. From the apps she downloaded to
keeping that glass-half-full attitude, she shares her tips for how to survive when you don’t speak the language here.

The Art of London. Katie is doing our European Art and Architecture travel program and her first stop was London. Read about her experience here (and see the amazing photos) as she juxtaposes the National Gallery with the Tate Modern, and what she learned about art in the process.

french fashion packing for study abroad paris france summerPacking for Paris. Taylor already has the best packing advice and she hadn’t even left for her trip yet. Read her advice here about packing for Paris, it’s not just for those going to Paris, as the summer fashion advice is for anyone going to Europe in the summer.

The Gaucho Experience: A Break From the Rush. Taylor studied in Argentina this summer, and though Buenos Aires is an amazing and cosmopolitan city, her most memorable time was a weekend on a gaucho ranch with no internet, nothing to do, and nowhere to be. Read about her “boring” weekend here.

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