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Now That I Am Here

by Faye Lax
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It’s been two days but it feels like I’ve been here all my life. I expected to have some sort of culture shock but I wasn’t really faced with any. I suppose the excursion to Rome helped.

On my flight to Europe, Rose, a 72 year old woman, who was sitting next to me shared her life story. During the first hour of the flight, the turbulence got pretty bad. Everyone was holding onto their seats, and nervously looking around. Rose turned to me and said: “Look Faye! We’re dancing!” Her attitude stuck with me and I’ve been dancing ever since. 


Dancing is super easy here. I’m writing this as I’m waiting for my second class of the first day. I’m more than satisfied. The air here is different: more positive. I would think that with the current economic situation it would be otherwise, however everyone here is so welcoming and gracious.

And the food! It is almost too good! I was concerned I would have limited options since I’m vegetarian, but once again, I was wrong. The first thing I had here was a souvlaki and now my standards are really high! 

Since we don’t have classes on July 2nd and 3rd, a couple of friends and I are taking a ferry to Aegina and spending the day and for the 4th of July AIFS is taking us to Hydra. It’s been been less than a week and I already have a packed schedule.

All in all, I’m lucky to be here. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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