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ΑΙΦΣ Ελλάδα on Instagram

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farmer's market athens greece

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Hopefully Google Translate worked correctly and that says AIFS Greece on Instagram. If you haven’t yet, check out aifs_greece to see firsthand from one of our students (hi Rachel!) what’s going on day-to-day. You know, the usual: housing, farmer’s markets, weekend trips to the Greek Isles.

deree american college athens housing study abroad greece dorms apartments

An awesome view from our enormous balcony


walking tour athens greece study abroad

Walking tour of Athens


farmer's market athens greece Agia Paraskevi study abroad greece

This adorable farmer’s market gives everyone something to wake up for on Monday morning!


subway metro public transportation greece athens study abroad

Nothing feels better than understanding foreign public transportation. Took the metro for a delicious dinner beneath the Acropolis.

aegina greek islands study abroad greece travel beach

Our first island getaway! Relaxing in Aegina on our day off


monastery aegina greek islands study abroad greece travel

Thanks @russmilheim for snapping this beautiful sight of a monastery while exploring the island of Aegina! So sad we had to leave, but Hydra here we come!


hydra greek islands study abroad greece

Hydra. “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page” -St. Augustine

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