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Adapting to London

by Brooke Criswell
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The picturesque Notting Hill


Never in my young 18 years of life would I have imagined getting on a plane in the midwest to fly hours and thousands of miles away.

London felt true to who I am. First of all, I am studying fashion marketing and merchandising so I couldn’t ask for a better program for what I love. I have a passion for business strategy and especially the marketing communications aspect. And I love fashion because clothes can be a tool for tower bridge thames london england study abroadexpression and individuality, so much more than a necessity. There is so much psychology that goes on behind why people shop the way they do and buy what they buy. The fashion industry is a fast paced and ever-growing environment and that is what intrigues me. I believe the overall mission of any fashion brand should be to make any person feel beautiful and exhilarated in their clothing.

Classes are three hours long but they feel like one, if that. My professor, Jennifer Daley is wonderful. She is easy to talk to and very insightful. I had a 35 minute walk with her talking about London’s school system, journalism and her fashion degrees; it was inspiring for me. This is what the trip is all about for me, to find my path and meet amazing people.

Speaking of amazing people, I have the greatest roommate, Natalie. We hit it off and get along great. There are about 20 girls in the group who come from all over the States which makes the class discussions diverse with different perspectives.

We are staying in a hotel in south Kensington, where David Beckham and royalty live just around the corner. I feel so safe and secure in this city. I have already learned the tube system and bus system; if you know your destination and how to read signs, you can get anywhere. The best part of it all though is if you get lost, you’re not really lost, you’re exploring and adventuring.

big ben parliament london england study abroadI have visited all the major sites: Big Ben, the Palace of Westminster for afternoon tea and the Tower Bridge. I have also gone off the grid and found
some cool cafes and coffee shops. Notting Hill was by far my favorite place. I spent all day exploring the district and even went a little crazy in the dress boutiques; my excuse was “but it’s Europe.” I also tried to pretend I was Julia Roberts on Portobello Road in the movie Notting Hill, however I did not do her justice.

The only downside to London is the price! With the current exchange rates, for every dollar I lose about 45 cents. It makes a 12 pound dinner turn into a $20 dinner. The food is wonderful though and you must eat.

I am finally adapting to looking right first rather than left, and driving in a cab on the “wrong” side of the road. I have also found that everybody is always dressed up around here in suits or slacks for the men and dresses and skirts for women. I love it. I admire the street fashion dearly.

I could not be more excited for the rest of my trip. I feel I am really finding myself and learning so much, not only about business and fashion in class but about people and cultures. Studying abroad is definitely already the best thing to happen to me.


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