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6 Reasons July is the Time to Visit Paris!

by Taylor Scholl

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eiffel tower paris france study abroadParis is the place to be all year round, but especially July. Throughout the month numerous events and activities take place that I can’t wait to be apart of. Below is a list of July events that I plan to take part in during my stay in Paris.

1. Bastille Day: This celebrates the anniversary of storming the Bastille back in 1789 at the start of the French Revolution. On July 14, the city celebrates this national event with numerous activities: city institutions put on dances, and a national parade takes place along the Champs Élysées which features the president and a fly over from the French Air Force. The night begins with fireworks at the Eiffel Tower which will be lit up in blue, white and red for the French flag.

2. Tour de France: Starting at the beginning of July, cyclists embark on a race throughout Europe and France. On July 26th, the athletes complete the race by finishing along the Champs Élysées. Fans lines the streets to cheer the athletes down the home stretch.

visit paris july view sacre coeur montmartre paris france

View from Sacre-Coeur

3. La Fête des Tuileries: During the summer, a fair ground is set up in the Tuileries garden, with a ferris wheel that overlooks Paris. The carnival features other rides and is located in the center of Paris near the Louvre.

4. Paris Plage: Starting July 20th, sections of the River Seine will have sand, palm trees, an open-air swimming pool, and concerts, creating a beach within the city. People are invited to dance, play beach sports or simply enjoy the summer day.

5. Open Air Cinema: The Parc de la Villette shows a movie each night starting July 23. The films range from French classics to American blockbusters and it is free! The movies are projected on a large screen outside allowing you to watch under the stars.

visit paris july eiffel tower lit up night paris france

6. Soldes (Sale): Twice a year the French government permits stores to have big sales. The sales take place for a period in the winter and a period in the summer. From June 24th until August 4th,  stores have big discounts allowing you to get reduced prices on gifts and souvenirs. This is something I am going to be taking full advantage of.

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