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by Brooke Criswell
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Alexander McQueen is such an inspiring designer. The moment I walked into the exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum, I felt as though I was going on a journey of his life.

I had heard of his name before but I do not pay much attention to the luxury, high end brands as much as street style. Beginning in the nineties, it was really interesting to see the transition of different experiences he was going through in his life and the emotions that he poured from his mind and soul into the design of his clothes. What I loved about him was more of who he was. I stopped and read every quote on the wall, every fact about him and everything about his designs and why he did what he did with every cut and every placement. Throughout the exhibit, I felt more connected to him as though I could understand where he was coming from when constructing this work of art.

After the exhibit, I went home to do some research on Alexander. He has had such an interesting life and from my reading combined with the exhibit, I could imagine how he felt. One of my favorite quotes I read that stuck with me was that he designs his clothes for women to feel beautiful. His fashion shows, the videos that were shown in the exhibition room was truly a work of art, he wanted to make statements with everything he designed to give purpose and meaning. So many people do not understand the importance of art and symbolism in fashion, it’s a hard connection to make at times. Alexander was a genius in the creative field; everything he did had meaning, nothing was done arbitrarily

I love learning about designers lives and the personal stories that make people who they are. I think Alexander felt trapped inside a world he did not want to be apart of. A lot of his designs were inspired by animals. He even had alligator heads on the shoulders of a dress. He did not believe in a certain shape or form. Alexander McQueen wanted to morph the body into anything he wanted to present.

His designs represented more than just fashion. Fashion is a way of life, clothes are just a material to morph into an expression of an individual’s thoughts, emotions and experiences in a creative form. Alexander McQueen’s design and life story, touched me deeply and I will never forget what I learned and experienced at the exhibition.

British fashion is self confident and fearless. It refuses to bow to commerce, thus generating a constant flow of new ideas whilst drawing in British heritage.

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