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The End of the Beginning

by Brooke Criswell

Last Updated on December 14, 2018 by Cat Rogliano

london study abroad summerToday I am boarding my train for Paris. As I am deeply saddened to be leaving my luxurious hotel in London land, I am very excited to explore the creative streets of Paris.

I am waving goodbye to the many museums such as the Victoria and Albert and amazing fashion history exhibitions. A few days ago we took a trip to Bath. I finally got to see the town Jane Austen lived and despised in. I also visited the Roman Bath and took a tour that discussed the history and how the baths have changed over time. The city itself is much different than London. People are not in a speed walk race to get place to place. The town really gives you a sense of city life condensed. It reminded me of a family town.

As I am packing for Paris, I realize how used to London I have gotten in just eight short days. I could definitely see myself coming back here and maybe even some day living here. I love the city itself, I love the culture and society. I realize it is not much different than America. People are people after all.

london eye thames london england summer study abroadI have done anything from afternoon tea in Westminster to eating a huge chicken sandwich in the Borough Market. Every experience in London has been unique to its’ own form.

My favorite part has been visiting Notting Hill and the Portobello Market. The atmosphere in Notting Hill is like an escape from the city of London. People are more friendly and outgoing. They are active and a part of their own community. There are local shops and small business owners up and down the streets offering anything from vintage magazines to vintage dresses. You could spend months in London and still find something new every day.

London my darling, you will be missed.

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