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Tips to Beat the Summer Heat of Rome

summer heat rome water fountains

If you cover the water spouts in Rome with your finger, they turn into water fountains!


One of the many drinkable fountains in Rome

Since my arrival in Rome, I have had a great time viewing ancient ruins, meeting spectacular people, and trying every flavor of gelato I can get my hands on. I have definitely felt the adverse effects of culture shock in one way or another, but the thing that I was really not prepared for was something that hit me as soon as I stepped off the plane—the heat!

Rome is really hot in July. As someone from the Midwest, I am used to dealing with extreme heat and humidity. What I have realized after being in Rome, however, is that I am not accustomed to actually being in the heat. I find myself sweating constantly and aching for cold water after the short walk from my apartment to university. In a city that rarely spends money on air conditioning, I decided to come up with a few tips to help others stay cool during hot summer days in Rome.

1. Always carry a water bottle – Even when you inevitably drink the entire bottle in five minutes, you will always have something to refill. Rome has great public water fountains and spouts that have a constant stream of clean, cold, and extremely refreshing water.

Pistachio gelato- the best way to cool down between classes

2. Dress as lightly as possible, while being considerate of where you are – Rome is known for ancient churches, many of which ask you to cover your shoulders and knees. A quick solution to respecting these customs while also staying cool is to simply keep a scarf in your bag at all times. Therefore, you can wear loose, strappy tank tops if you please and always have something light to cover your shoulders if you need to.

3. Remember to stop for gelato – When even your water bottle is warm, you can always turn to gelato for the refreshing chill you need. Italy is known for their remarkable gelato, so I never skimp on eating more!

Despite the heat, I am having a great time in Rome. The time is flying by! Only two more weeks left.

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