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by Brooke Criswell
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milan train station milano italy travel The train ride from Paris to was a little bit of a hassle. It was the longest travel time at around 7 hours. And that 7 hours turned into about 9.5 hours due to a breakdown on the train. It was hot and cramped with all of our luggage.

As we were entering Italy I saw worn down houses and graffiti everywhere. However, when we got further in, I couldn’t be more excited.

Those 9.5 hours were well worth Italy, if only for the food! The very first thing we do at 9:00 p.m. is get some authentic Italian pasta close to our hotel but in reality, everywhere you turn there’s delicious Italian food just waiting to be tasted. I am definitely not going to want to go back to Noodles and Company at home after having pesto here.

After getting settled into our hotel, we went along the fashion capital’s main streets. We walked for about two hours in 102 degree pure sunshine. It was a nice break to stop at stores such as Dolce & Gabbana and Prada. Our reward at the end was gelato. This was the first time I have ever tasted gelato and it is so much better than ice cream. It’s creamier, thicker and full of real flavor.

train mountain view lake como italy travelThe class lectures have turned away from the textiles and history of fashion toward the marketing side of the industry, which I enjoy more personally. This class gives me a whole new perspective of fashion. I am studying Journalism and Media Communications but those studying fashion benefit far more from this unique program.

Our second day in Italy we made our way to George Clooney’s house, aka Lake Como. Stepping off the coach, it was absolutely breath taking. I have never seen anything like it with the beautiful lake stretched before us and colorful houses built high into the mountains. The location has such Italian charm. There is so much to do and see in Lake Como. I began with taking the train car up to the very top of a mountain to get a view of the entire lake, and eat pasta.

The lake is so clear that I could see large fish swimming everywhere. Some people got in and swam but I decided to walk around the lake and admire the scenery and people who lived and visited. There are multiple shops and boutiques surrounding the area such as Brandy Melville where Amanda Seyfried comes in to shop.

After a long day of adventuring and eating gelato it was time to get back to Milan in the evening. The whole experience was so amazing I am in disbelief I was really there.

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