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3.2.1 Countdown: My Last Days Abroad

by Brooke Criswell
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mediterranean italian riviera cinque terre italy travel study abroadBeing stationed in Florence is very convenient for the last stop of my travel program. It’s located 3 hours or less from so many amazing Italian destinations.

My last three days came far too soon; soon I will pack up and leave Europe to head back to Nebraska where everything is far different. I have adapted and explored so much that Nebraska will feel foreign to me.

I visited the Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera and that was by far my favorite part of the trip. I love the ocean and sand in between my toes. I love feeling the waves rush over me and the adventurous feeling I get when going further out into the unknown sea. You could see buildings in front of you, the Riviera to the right of you and mountains to the left. In the moment my friend and I kept saying we could not believe where we were; it was magical.

mediterranean sea cinque terre italy travel study abroad mediterranean sea cinque terre italy travel study abroad

Our second to last day, we ventured over to Venice to explore and walk the streets. Of course, we had to take a gondola ride because that is what one does in Venice.

venice italy canals study abroad travel

On our very last day, we decided to go to Rome after class. We finished our papers and assignments, said our goodbyes and left by train to see the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain. Again, we got lost; but there is no better way to be lost than with a best friend. I wish I could describe the colosseum rome italy travel study abroadsites because I am still in awe. Rome reminded me very much of London, which I loved. There was not enough time to go everywhere but I plan to return. I look back at the photos I have taken and they simply do not do justice to the scenery.

Now, I am back in Florence, packing my two suitcases, dreading to leave this beautiful country. I leave tomorrow at 6:45 in the morning for 15 hours of flying and 8 hours of layovers. These last three days have been nothing but bliss.

gondola ride friends venice italy travel study abroad

venice canals travel study abroad italy

colosseum rome travel study abroad italy

vittorio emanuele il vittoriano altare della patria rome italy travel study abroad

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