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Berlin: First Impressions Through the Eyes of an 18 Year Old Explorer

by Angelena Castro
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Hallo! My name is Angelena and I am excited to blog with you about Berlin, Germany. I have been in Berlin for four days now and I have already fallen in love with the city. My roommate and I live in an apartment, my very first experience in apartment living. We are at the very top of the building and I enjoy waking up to the spectacular view of the city and watching the amber grey sky at night. It’s very different from the North Carolina sky.

I have had to make some adjustments living here. My apartment has no elevator, so climbing all the way to the top has provided some fantastic exercise. We also have about a 20-minute commute to Humboldt University. In lieu of walking we take the U-bahn, which is the public city and suburban rapid transit system. It’s part of a larger public transport rail network that extends as far as Austria, Germany, German-speaking Switzerland, Northern Italy and Denmark. The experience is really cool!

breakfast berlin germany study abroad


The morning hustle and bustle is always an exciting part of my day. I have never been a breakfast person but in Berlin, I love breakfast at the market. The fresh creamy yogurt with peaches, strawberries, honey, and granola is my favorite. I also have this wonderful juice of green tea, lemon juice, and apple juice; it is very refreshing. The cafeteria food at Humboldt University is also very good. I was concerned before departing because I do not eat red meat, and therefore would not eat the wursts and meats that Germans love. I’m happy that there is a variety of food that I can enjoy.

My first days in Berlin have been awesome! I will keep you updated.

Auf Wiedersehen!



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