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Theater Internship in London

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AIFS internships are the best of both worlds: résumé building work experience and all of the benefits and excitement of study abroad. The Richmond Internship Program in London helps students find an internship related to their major so Lucy interned with a theater company and came away with new skills and a better understanding of her career path. She answered a few questions about her experience:

What is your major and where did you intern?

My major is Communications: Media Studies with a Minor in Performance and Theatre Arts. My internship was at a theater in London, an Ambassador Theater Group Venue.

london theater internshipWhat were your responsibilities during the internship?

During my time at the theater I helped administer the Creative Learning courses for the Autumn Term, contacting parents, creating registers, and organizing payments. I created original educational material for events such as Open House London and the Family Arts Festival. I wrote copy for social media marketing campaigns and published a blog piece promoting the theater’s pantomime on the ATG blog. I also aided in the creation and implementation of marketing strategies, seeking out opportunities for the theatre and Richmond University to work together for the benefit of both parties. I also had the opportunity to do some front of house work and sit in on multiple productions, which I very much enjoyed.

What new knowledge and skills did you gain or develop?

I gained a great deal of insight into theater as a business and how a contemporary receiving theater runs in today’s financial environment. I learned what goes on backstage, witnessing what goes into the running of a theater venue in order to get performances onto the stage and audiences into seats.

Has the internship influenced your future career choices?

This internship has confirmed for me my ambition to work in the theater industry and has given me the tools and knowledge to do so. It has also opened my eyes to the press and marketing aspect of live performance and the creativity involved in this type of work. I have discovered this is what I truly enjoy and would like to pursue further. 

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