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Berlin: Mecca of Culture, History, and Beauty

by Angelena Castro

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Hallo! Greetings from Berlin! My second week in Berlin has been very busy. My days have been filled with classroom learning, educational sightseeing, and exploring the city with friends.

My classes at Humboldt University each have approximately 15 students from around the world. I love this! The one-on-one attention is great and I also have been able to get to know the other students. Sometimes we explore the city together, or go out after class to restaurants that serve their native foods. Prior to arriving in Berlin, I had never eaten Turkish food or Thai food, but now I have tried them and really like them both a lot. It’s fun learning about different cultures, within a different culture.

Almost every day, there is an up close and personal learning experience in the city. I am amazed at the historical and cultural sites in Berlin. We toured the Berlin Wall, visited Dresden, Germany and did a Grafitti Tour, just to name a few.

graffiti tour berlin germany travel study abroad

Graffiti Tour

My friends and I are very familiar with the U-Bahn, now. On our commute to class we transfer trains, which is a much cooler experience than the bus I was riding just a few weeks ago.

berlin wall berlin germany fraternal kiss Honecker Brezhnev

The Berlin Wall

On a final note, the weather in Berlin is very different. The days are nice, temperatures may be in the 70’s; but at night, it’s a little chilly. Not the July weather that I’m used to!

Auf Wiedersehen,


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