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Berlin: A Place Where Friendships & Memories Will Last a Life Time

by Angelena Castro
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Hallo everyone! I can honestly say my experience with AIFS Berlin have been some of the best in my entire life. This will be my final blog and the emotions are as bittersweet as German chocolate. I will definitely miss the friends that I have made and my professors at Humboldt University.

The last week in Berlin, was pretty busy for AIFS students. We were finishing up classes and spending the evenings attending fun activities and social gatherings to wrap up Summer Session II. The university hosted a gathering for all Summer Session II students and AIFS students enjoyed a potluck get-together. I struggled to decide what to bring. I knew I couldn’t cook, so I brought the classic chips and dip. It was a hit!

berlin city palace Stadtschloss berlin germany travel study abroad

Berlin City Palace

During my last weekend in Berlin, my roommate, who is German, showed me some interesting sites. My favorite was Mauerpark, now a flea market that was once part of the Berlin Wall and it’s Death Strip. There one can find lots of jewelry vendors, classic record vendors, and fresh squeezed orange juice for one euro, among other things. We also stumbled upon an enclosed nude beach. No, we didn’t enter.

My adventures in Germany, also inspired me to step out of my culinary comfort zone. Normally, I am not a beef or pork eater, but my friend let me try German sausage, I liked it and I ordered one for myself. I also tried Schnitzel, a thin breaded and pan fried cutlet made from veal, chicken, pork, or other meat. It was delicious!

humboldt university berlin germany study abroad

Classes at Humboldt

Berlin, Germany is a place filled with fun, adventure, and excitement. The classes at Humboldt University were awesome, as well. I have learned so much about German history and culture, and it’s influence on the world. I already find myself missing Berlin. Hopefully, one day I will return.

Until Then,

Auf Wiedersehen

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