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5 Unique Study Abroad Programs for Spring

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Spring deadlines start October 1st so if you’re considering going abroad next semester, don’t miss out! Register on our website to download program information, talk to alumni, view scholarship information, start and application and more.

There are countless amazing and unique places to study abroad; with over 20 programs, courses for every major, and internship and service learning opportunities, we have something for everyone.

Here are just a few of the unique opportunities you can find abroad this spring:

5. Intern or volunteer at the Cannes Film Festival


Spring semester coincides with the world famous Cannes Film Festival which runs for 2 weeks in May. AIFS students receive a ‘Cannes cinephile’ pass, allowing them to see all the films presented at the Festival in different movie theaters throughout the city.

But students also have the opportunity to volunteer or intern for the duration of the Festival. Past internship placements have been included a U.S production company, an international film sales company, various media outlets and more. Students can also volunteer to work at the exclusive dinner gala organized by amfAR (American Foundation for AIDS research) which is attended by celebrities and famous names from the world of fashion, music and business.

Read firsthand from one of our students how she interned with a website, volunteered at the amfAR gala, and snagged tickets to a premiere. And read more about study abroad in Cannes here.

4. Study fashion in Florence


For students studying fashion or business, Florence is the perfect place to learn about the history and business of fashion. Combine an Italian language course with Fashion and Media, Italian Fashion, and Fashion Marketing and Merchandising. Or complement your studies with a course in art history or culture like Introduction to Italian Art or Made in Italy: Symbols of Italian Identity from Espresso to Ferrari. See all of the spring semester courses here.

3. Study international business in Barcelona


With our new program at the Universidad Pompeu Fabra (UPF) you can study business or the humanities at the highest-ranked university in Spain. The ESCI-UPF International Business Program offers courses in management, marketing, economics, finance, doing business in Europe and more. It’s the perfect way to study abroad and enhance your résumé with international course work.

Similarly, the Hispanic and European Studies Program (HESP) offers courses unique to Barcelona and Spain. Study Catalan language, art and history, or focus on the art, culture and politics of Spain.

See all of the courses offered at UPF here.

2. Explore South America in Chile


Home to some of the most beautiful places in the world, Chile is the perfect place to learn about the history and culture of the region. Take courses in business, history and film like Latin America in the Age of Globalization, Chile and Human Rights, Latin America on Film and others. See all of the courses here. Immerse yourself in the language with a Spanish course and by living in a homestay. And travel around Chile (Isla Negra, Pomaire, Santiago, Valparaíso – all included in the AIFS program) and to Argentina (with an optional excursion to Buenos Aires) to see the breathtaking sites.

1. Study culture, film and history in Prague


One of the most dynamic culturally rich cities in the world, Prague is a unique place to study abroad. What is there to do in Prague? A fantastic theater scene, two international film festivals in March, cultural events (Paleni Carodejnic, Majales), the Prague Food festival and so much more. You can explore Central Europe with excursions to Moravia, Poland, Germany and Hungary. And take classes you can’t find anywhere else, such as:

  • Czech Culture and Civilization Course: A Field Trip into Czech Psyche
  • Czech and Slovak Cinema from the 1950’s to Present: Politics, Visuality, and Experimentation
  • Human Rights in East and Central Europe
  • Comparative Politics: Transformation of Czechoslovakia and Czech Republic

See all of the courses offered here.

These are just a few of the study abroad, internship and service learning programs we offer! Head to our website to browse all of our spring programs, or schedule a consult with one of our Advisors.

(800) 727-2437 – studyabroad@aifs.com

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