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Why study abroad in South Africa for the summer? Choose from four different academic programs (including Service Learning), travel the West Coast and the Garden Route, and experience the natural beauty, history, wildlife, outdoor activities, and so much more that South Africa has to offer. Learn more about the different summer programs we offer in Stellenbosch:

Traditional Academic Program

  • Open to college freshmen+
  • 2.5 GPA – 6 credits
  • Sample courses: Introduction to South Africa’s Political History, Bio-Diversity: Plants for the People in the Western Cape
  • Students interested in/majoring in: history, international relations, business, humanities, communications, tropical medicine/biodiversity and more

This program gives students an introduction to and an overview of South African history, politics, art, literature, science, culture and business. Each course is presented by lecturers from the University, the Institute of Justice and Reconciliation and presenters from the private sector. See more here.

Doing Business in Southern Africa Program

  • Open to sophomores+
  • 2.8 GPA – 7 credits
  • Sample course: Doing Business in Southern Africa
  • Students interested in/majoring in: business, international business, economics, political science and more

This program investigates the unique institutional and policy conditions in Southern African countries, along with the challenges that will confront businesses, and how to identify the opportunities that this rapidly growing region offers. See more here.

Public Health Care Program

  • Open to sophomores+
  • 2.8 GPA – 7 credits
  • Sample courses: Public Health Care in South Africa, HIV and AIDS: A South African Perspective
  • Students interested in/majoring in: public health, STEM fields, nursing, psychology, sociology, global health and more

This program introduces students to the health care system in South Africa with themes including HIV and AIDS, malnutrition, poverty, and environmental health. Students also have an opportunity to have a community based on-site rotation at the Stellenbosch University Rural Clinic. See more here.

Service Learning Program

  • Open to sophomores+
  • 2.8 GPA – 7 credits
  • Sample course: Service Learning and Community Development
  • Students interested in/majoring in: community service, public health, non-profits/NGO’s, social work, sociology, medicine, and more

This program provides international students with the opportunity to demonstrate their global citizenship through a service learning experience. Students develop an understanding of the historical background and current issues impacting community life in South Africa and experience it firsthand through service to a community while earning academic credit. See more here.

All program options include the West Coast Weekend, and the option of the 6-day Garden Route Trip at the end of the program, along with social and cultural activities in and around Stellenbosch.

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