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2016 Marks the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare’s Death

by AIFS Abroad
Photo of Shakespeare's Globe Theater, where AIFS hosts a summer study abroad program.

Last Updated on March 10, 2020 by AIFS Abroad

Four centuries after his passing, Shakespeare’s contribution to literature continues to inspire people around the globe. (Pun intended!) Throughout 2016, devoted fans will commemorate this milestone anniversary of his passing and celebrate the immortal legacy of his work.

Fans of the Bard will enjoy keeping tabs with Shakespeare400, an effort of Kings College London to promote the events and activities celebrating his work and influence. Performances, exhibitions and social media outreach highlight educational, cultural and creative efforts to keep Shakespeare’s legacy alive and well now and into the future – even centuries from today.

Students interested in witnessing some of the London celebrations firsthand will be particularly interested in attending Shakespeare’s Globe Education Theater Program through AIFS. For three weeks this summer, you can study the works of Shakespeare and theatrical performance in the very heart of Shakespeare’s world – London and the Globe Theatre.

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