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Study abroad girls taking photo in Athens, Greece

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“.. And then I realized; adventure is the best way to learn.”

I am Breezy Simmons, a second semester study abroad student at the American College of Greece (ACG). My home institute is Northern Arizona University where I am an International Hospitality Major with a minor in philosophy, and certificate in event management. Philosophy was born in Greece and with tourism being such a huge industry there; it was the perfect place for me to study abroad.

Living in a country with profound history, going to a small intimate school, befriending people from all over the world, and understanding a new society through the locals was more than I could ever have asked for.  I love the cultural differences between my Greek peers and myself. I really enjoy learning and experiencing a different way of life by viewing the world firsthand. The Greek people are beautiful inside and out, not to mention the Gyros are to die for! So I decided that one semester at the American College of Greece was not enough and I couldn’t imagine returning to the United States in December. So here I am today. I decided to stay another semester because I was not ready for the worldly experience to end.

I have lived in the student residence both semesters. Living at the residence has opened me up to a new world of cultural understanding. Living with people from other countries is an amazing opportunity I would never have experienced otherwise. Living at the ACG residence complex enabled me to find some of my friends for life.  When my year abroad ends, I can say I have found some of my future bridesmaids, found my travel buddies and have a life long bond with Greece and all the beautiful individuals I have gotten to know here.

While in my second semester at ACG, I am interning at the Office of Residential and International Student Services, as the Residents Life Events Assistant. I am very excited to have this position; I have a huge passion for events and bringing people together! What we do is plan and execute the events, trips and activities for the study abroad students throughout the semester to add to their Greek experience. This is very rewarding, as I want all the new coming students and continuing students to have every opportunity to love their time here just as much as I have.

The American College of Greece’s enrollment is bigger than the town I grew up in, but about the size of two dorms at Northern Arizona University. The school is very small compared to my home school and fosters an intimate environment. The professors know your name and say hello in passing. Athens is a great stepping-stone to explore the rest of Greece and Europe.
Written by Brianna Simmons, Northern Arizona University – AIFS Athens 2015/2016

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