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Recent High School Graduates Can Study Abroad, Too!

by AIFS Abroad
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To all the high school seniors looking forward to graduation: Congratulations! You’re almost there… but where is ‘there’ exactly? Wrapping up senior year can feel like approaching a finish line, but what you’ll soon realize, if you haven’t already, is that life is far more like a book than a race. Graduation is a plot twist, more of transformation than an ending.

As you prepare for graduation and your future, think about turning the page, beginning a new chapter or starting a sequel. If you look at life as a book, you’ve made it to the part where things really start to get good. Your hard-won freedom brings the opportunity to live and study in preparation for the life you want to lead.

You have fantastic options ahead of you to spend your summer after graduation enjoying international adventure and networking with students from all across America and the world.  This is a great way to travel, earn college credit, make new friends and prepare for student life in the fall. You’ll choose your adventure from an assortment of language programs, multi-country programs, exotic destinations and diverse academic courses of study.

If you are about to graduate from high school, it’s not too late to sign up for the summer adventure of a lifetime. AIFS offers many excellent study abroad programs for high school graduates!

Applying online is pretty quick and easy—and a good idea with time running low. Visit our website to get started and learn more about these exciting opportunities to make the most of your summer before college. These programs are open to high school graduates and college students.

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