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College Internships Abroad: A Competitive Edge

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A great way to distinguish your academic career—and gain a competitive advantage for when it’s time to get a job—is with a college internship abroad. Interning abroad is a great way to broaden your educational horizon, gain fluency in another language and learn how to function in environments that are different than what is familiar to you. Whether you intend to find a job in the public or private sector, being able to work and communicate with cultural fluency and an open mind will be an asset in your future.

As nations, organizations and businesses continue to face challenges and opportunities with a global perspective, the skills you gain working with diverse people and experiencing other cultures as an intern abroad can set you apart as a prized prospect looking ahead to grad school and career options. AIFS college internships abroad include programs in England, Italy, Spain, Costa Rica and South Africa. As a college intern abroad, you’ll experience the benefits of studying abroad and gain a network of international classmates and professional colleagues along with valuable work experience outside of the United States.

Internships in England

AIFS offers semester and summer internship opportunities in London, England. Earn up to 12 credits during an 8-week internship placement in this prestigious and influential capital city. This is a great program for college juniors and seniors looking for an internship in fields including advertising, art and design, art history, event planning, fashion and beauty, finance and accounting, legal, marketing / market research, media, journalism and publishing, music, non-profit / NGO, politics and government, PR / communications, psychology and research, and theater / theater management.

Applications are being accepted on a space available basis to intern abroad in London this Fall. The application deadline to intern in London this Spring is October 1. Now is the time to apply!

Internships in Spain

Students with at least an intermediate understanding of Spanish should consider semester-long college internships in Granada, Spain to study abroad at the historic University of Granada with professional placements in fields such as communications, Internet design, graphic design, video production, nutrition and renewable energies for up to 15 credits.

Applications are being accepted on a space available basis to intern abroad in Granada this Fall. The deadline to intern in Granada this for Spring is October 15. Contact AIFS for details.

Internships in Costa Rica

College sophomores, juniors and seniors with a high intermediate to advanced level of Spanish proficiency may choose a semester internship in San José, Costa Rica. This opportunity to study abroad and intern in Costa Rica for up to 20 credits is ideal for students pursuing fields such as advertising design, animal or veterinary science, archaeology, arts, communication science, cooperatives, economic sciences, education, engineering, environmental science, molecular biology and conservation, and tourism.

Applications are being accepted on a space available basis to intern abroad in Costa Rica this Fall. The deadline to intern in Costa Rica this for Spring is October 15. Apply online to save time!

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