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Springtime in Salzburg

by Taylor Ollari
Salzburg, Austria during springtime

No matter where or when you study abroad, there will always be a certain charm and excitement to the amazing surroundings you’ll encounter. This was especially true during my time in Salzburg. I loved the changing leaves during fall and the enchanting aromas and twinkling lights of the Christmas markets during winter, but spring in Salzburg was extremely beautiful. Whether you are considering studying abroad in Salzburg during the spring semester or just planning a visit, you will not be disappointed.

Here are some of my favorite moments from Frühling (springtime) during my time abroad in Salzburg, Austria!

1) Mirabell Palace & Gardens

aifs study abroad salzburg austria
A view of a fountain in Mirabell Gardens

While the famous Mirabell gardens were beautiful every time I visited, the flowers during spring were the best. I loved walking through these gardens spending time with my friends, enjoying a cone of gelato, or taking time to myself admiring the tulips and the beautiful colors.

2) The Salzburger Dult

aifs study abroad salzburg austria
The Salzburger Dult (Country Fair)

For some old-fashioned festival fun in May, my friends and I headed to the Dult for some rides and typical Austrian fair food! There was nothing better than spending time on a sunny day experiencing the thrills of a country fair in a foreign city. The views of Salzburg on top of the taller rides was fantastic!

3) Walks to school

aifs study abroad salzburg austria
View of the fortress on my walk to class

There’s no better feeling than when spring arrives after a cold winter, and the transition in Salzburg was no exception. From our homestay, my roommates and I would often take the back roads when walking to our classes. The clear, rushing waters of the streams that went through the fields, baby animals at a nearby farm, and views of the surrounding fortress and mountains really gave new meaning to the famous phrase, “the hills are alive.”

4) Spring traditions in Austria

aifs study abroad salzburg austria

I loved experiencing the traditions of Austria in the spring. Whether attending Easter Mass in one of Salzburg’s beautiful churches or shopping around the delicious outdoor markets, it was always memorable. After Easter, the celebrations of May Day went underway. A fun way to experience this Austrian tradition is by wearing a Dirndl or Lederhosen and watching the raising of the maypole.

5) Unbeatable views

aifs study abroad salzburg austria
View of Salzburg old city from Kapuzinerberg

When in doubt, it was always a good idea to enjoy the springtime weather and experience the hiking trails that are found throughout Salzburg, including hills like the Stadtberge and the Kapuzinerberg. The views at the top are simply the best in the city!

This post was written by Taylor Ollari, an AIFS alum who spent an academic year studying in Salzburg, Austria.

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