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Volunteer Abroad with AIFS

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Volunteer Abroad with AIFS

Volunteering during your time abroad is a wonderful way to get out and meet people. You can interact with locals and gain an insider’s perspective on what makes your host country special. When you volunteer abroad with AIFS, you’ll also get to know other students motivated to make a difference by helping out in the community. You can volunteer for general goodwill initiatives or give time to causes related to your field of study and career interests.

Campuses with volunteer options:

Perth, Australia           Hyderabad, India          Salzburg, Austria
Florence, Italy              Viña del Mar, Chile      San José, Costa Rica
Rome, Italy                   Granada, Spain              St. Petersburg, Russia
Paris, France                Salamanca, Spain          Stellenbosch, South Africa

Example volunteer placements / opportunities:

film, music & regional festivals              community engagement
tutoring and literacy programs               museums
hospitals & health institutions               schools & education programs
social projects                                             charitable organizations
work with NGOs                                          service learning
amfAR                                                           volunteer at a castle
help feed the hungry & homeless           youth & elderly programs

Community engagement can be a very rewarding aspect of studying abroad. As an international student, you are likely to be as interesting to locals as their lifestyle, culture, language and overall vibe are to you. As conversations and interactions spark connections, you’ll form friendships and find opportunities to see your host country through native eyes. AIFS offers Community Engagement Programs in Stellenbosch, South Africa and Hyderabad, India.

Students interested in community engagement in South Africa may select the service learning program option for Summer or a full semester in either the Fall or Spring semesters. This popular program includes coursework at Stellenbosch University. The community engagement program in India is available during Fall semester  with coursework at University of Hyderabad. Hyderabad is a fascinating destination to witness traditional culture and transitions in the midst of a technological boom.

You can learn so much and find the most meaningful friendships with an open mind and a willingness to help out. If you’re a current AIFS study abroad student or alum with a story to share about your volunteer experience, please leave a reply below or email us to share your story. We look forward to hearing from you!

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