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AIFS Study Abroad Wins People’s Choice Award

by AIFS Study Abroad
AIFS Study Abroad Awarded GoAbroad.com People's Choice Award

We are thrilled to announce that AIFS Study Abroad was awarded the 2016 GoAbroad People’s Choice Award!

We enjoy the work we do each day to make highest quality international travel and educational programs accessible to students. We network with colleges and universities around the world to provide a wide range of inclusive programs and support services to make student dreams of study abroad come true — and we’re proud that AIFS is the People’s Choice for study abroad programs.

It was truly an honor to be among the finalists in recognition of our work to provide the best study abroad experiences available to college students. To be named the People’s Choice and receive this award is a humbling, joyful and much appreciated honor. Thank you to everyone that cast their votes for us!

At the awards ceremony, the People’s Choice award was described as “especially prestigious, because you can’t nominate yourself — a U.S. university study abroad advisor has to nominate an organization to be eligible. Just to be a finalist is pretty amazing, because that means someone thought enough of you to take the time to recommend you as a top study abroad company to work with.”

In addition to being chosen as the People’s Choice for study abroad organizations, our January term program in Cuba was selected as a finalist for the Innovative New Program award for providing a ground-breaking opportunity for students to expand their world view and cultural perspectives.

AIFS in Cuba is an opportunity for students to study Spanish language immersed in the beauty and culture of a nation that has been off limits to Americans for decades. Students attend the University of Havana; this historic university was founded in 1729 and is among the oldest in the Americas.

In addition to classroom studies, the AIFS program includes opportunities for hands on learning through cultural activities and excursions to explore the island, as well as personal dialogue and interactions with Cuban people. This program is especially noteworthy as it challenges students to study and embrace life outside of their comfort zone—away from amenities and conveniences they may overly rely upon or take for granted at home.

You could be among the first to study abroad in Cuba in recent history. Spend three weeks earning three credits on the academic adventure of a lifetime! You’ll return with firsthand experience and knowledge about life in Cuba, empowered to help others shape a more educated and valid understanding of a nation that is shrouded in mystery and largely unfamiliar to most Americans.

The response in support of this study abroad opportunity in Cuba has been wonderful. It’s a great program, so if you are looking for a unique opportunity to earn three credits in January, check it out!

We are so fortunate to start off the week by sharing this great news. Thanks again to our professional peers and all of the students that made AIFS the People’s Choice for study abroad. Happy travels!

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