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Explore Jewish Latin America in Beautiful Buenos Aires!

by AIFS Abroad
Explore Jewish Latin America - AIFS Study Abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Last Updated on March 3, 2020 by AIFS Abroad

AIFS is pleased to offer students a remarkable opportunity to study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina — on the Jewish Latin America program.

Jewish Latin America: History, Literature and Human Rights in Buenos Aires is a program for students interested in the rich culture and heritage of Argentina with a focus on human rights and global migration. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with students from Latin America who are also studying at the Seminario, sharing shabat dinners, pesach Seders and other activities. You will also meet with young professionals and students of the Jewish community of Buenos Aires to exchange perspectives and ways of living.

In addition to a full course load, students will:

  • Meet with leaders of the local Jewish community
  • Enjoy day trips and cultural excursions
  • Participate in activities with Argentine students
  • Study at the Seminario Rabínico Latinoamericano – Marshall T. Meyer
  • Study at the University of Belgrano
  • Become immersed in the region’s languages and cultures

An optional Early Start Program is recommended for a full integration into Argentine language and culture. Intensive Spanish Language and Culture Preparation is a 4-week course for an additional 5 credits available to you, prior to the start of the Jewish Latin America program.

You may also opt for a three-day excursion to Iguazú Falls to see breathtaking waterfalls — larger than Niagara Falls — on the border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay to experience stunning beauty and biodiversity. Another option is a two-day excursion to Fiesta Gaucha, a traditional ranch in the countryside for horseback riding, delicious parrillada (Argentine BBQ) and a taste of the legendary gaucho way of life.

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You’ll enjoy single room accommodations with weekly laundry included as part of your homestay with an Argentine family. Daily breakfast and dinner Monday – Friday is also included. In addition to day trips and excursions, a weekly cultural calendar provides plenty of fun destinations and activities for students to get familiar with the people and traditions of the region.

At the University of Belgrano, you’ll take a Spanish language course and up to two electives from a broad range of subjects. You may take electives in either Spanish or English, depending upon language proficiency (determined by a placement exam).

The following two courses are mandatory for students on the Jewish Latin America program, taught at the Seminario Rabínico Latinoamericano – Marshall T. Meyer, which includes the Elie Wiesel Institute of Human Rights:

History SEM341 (3 credits): Jewish History in Latin America

This course introduces students to debate surrounding immigration, civic and political participation, cultural assimilation, demography and communitarian politics and issues on a local and global scale through sociological and historical analysis of the origin and development of Jewish communities in Latin America from the early 16th century to the present day.

Literature SEM421 (3 credits): Latin American Jewish Literature

This course acquaints students with major Jewish writers from Latin America with emphasis on works portraying Jewish communities in geographic and cultural context. Topics include the formation of Jewish and national identities, anti-Semitism in literature in the 19th century, the Jewish involvement in the Latin American boom of the 20th century and Jewish testimonials under dictatorships of the 1970s in Latin America.

This exciting new program was developed in partnership with the University of Connecticut, the University of Belgrano, and the Seminario Rabínico Latinoamericano – Marshall T. Meyer. No previous Spanish language study is required. Transcripts are issued by the University of Connecticut. AIFS Study Abroad Scholarships are available.

To learn more, please visit www.AIFSabroad.com/JLA.


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