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The Best Gelato in Florence, Italy

The Best Gelato in Florence, Italy | AIFS Study Abroad

Here are my top five gelaterie, or what I feel is the best gelato in Florence, Italy.

1. Gelateria dei Neri

My favorite gelato in all of Florence, Italy, is at Gelateria dei Neri, a hidden gem of Florence. It is a very small shop close to the Arno River and Santa Croce. They have an abundance of flavors, are very inexpensive and are made in very small amounts to have the freshest gelato possible. I would recommend frutti di bosco (Berry gelato). It’s my favorite but this place has the best frutti di bosco of them all.

 2. Mercato Centrale (San Lorenzo Market)

Number two goes to the Gelateria within the Mercato Centrale. It is on the second floor, and although more expensive, is absolutely delicious. It tastes like it is made with the freshest ingredients. Grab a meal and end your meal with gelato in the Mercato Centrale.

3. Gelateria Caffe delle Carrozze

Another gem within this Tuscan city is Gelateria Caffe delle Carrozze. This treasure is a small gelato stand found right near the Ponte Vecchio. Although many places right off the Ponte Vecchio are overpriced and never fresh, this place is not. It serves up a more limited menu, but still tasty and inexpensive. Enjoy dessert with a magnificent view!

4. Magnum Firenze

This next place is new to Florence within the past two years. It is not exactly gelato, but it’s so good and unique that it deserves to be on this list. It is Magnum Firenze, where you can create and make your own Magnum. It’s right next to the infamous Duomo, so it makes for a beautiful picture.

5. Gelateria Dondoli

Last, but certainly not least, comes from a city outside of Florence in San Gimignano, Italy. The shop is named Gelateria Dondoli and serves up some of the most unique but also delicious flavors. It was actually named the Gelato World Champion for a couple years between 2006 and 2009. I’m not going to suggest you travel to a city just for its gelato, but I would do it.

This post was contributed by Haley Taylor, an AIFS Alumni Ambassador who studied abroad with AIFS in Florence, Italy.

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