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Spotlight on Summer Study Abroad: Rome, Italy

by AIFS Study Abroad
Spotlight on Summer Study Abroad: Rome, Italy | AIFS Study Abroad

The best place to study abroad is different for each person. The best time to study abroad is also an individual choice. To help you find the study abroad program that is right for you, AIFS offers opportunities around the world and throughout the year—including summer term in Rome!

Summer study abroad in Rome is a chance to earn up to 10 credits in the capital city of Italy. The Eternal City enjoys a sunny climate and showcases 3,000 years of history dispersed among the marvels and amenities of a modern business, government and cultural center.

Anyone interested in art, art history, communications, fashion, history, Italian language, photography, religion and sociology should consider this opportunity to study at Richmond in Rome. It is open to high school graduates and college undergraduates.

An Internship Program for up to 6 credits is open to students with at least 45 credits completed by the start of the program. While the internship placement and focus may vary with each student’s major and objectives, all students complete the course: Art and Culture in Rome.

AIFS Summer programs are perfect for students to advance their education, travel and even obtain an international internship placement between Spring and Fall semesters. If you have a particularly rigorous semester schedule, but don’t want to miss the chance to have a life-changing global adventure, Summer study abroad is an especially flexible option.

Summer term abroad is a fantastic way to gain valuable international experience, see a bit of the world and knock a few things off your bucket list in one excellent adventure! Whether it’s your only opportunity to study abroad or one of many in an extensive study abroad portfolio, we’re here to help you find the best program to make your dream to study abroad come true.

Check out additional opportunities to study abroad in Italy, including January term and Spring 2017 in Rome. 

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