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The Best Restaurants in Paris

by Karina Safaoui
The Best Restaurants in Paris | AIFS Study Abroad

Last Updated on June 21, 2019 by Karina Safaoui

Here are what I feel are the best restaurants in Paris.

L’As du Fallafel

After a lovely morning spent at the Pablo Picasso museum in Le Marais, I stumbled across a falafel joint with a sign that boasted Lenny Kravitz as one of their loyal customers. Intrigued, I ordered a shawarma sandwich that changed my life.  The mixture of meats as well as the vegetables and sauce, blended together so seamlessly I returned over and over to the point where the workers were able to recognize me and my order (no shame, it was worth it).  It is now one of those foods I must order when in the area and long for when I am not.

The Best Restaurants in Paris | AIFS Study


For the days where the wind and the rain are relentless, I find myself seated at Higuma. This Japanese restaurant has a few locations within the city and all are incredible. My insatiable need for ramen (very spicy in my case) and gyoza is satisfied here because of its authenticity and small atmosphere. I frequent this place at least twice a week while maintaining the budget I set for myself due to the combos being plentiful yet affordable. There are options for everyone and they are so good you must keep returning for more.

The Best Restaurants in Paris | AIFS Study

Le Flamboire

My father and I dined here on his first night in Paris as a way to introduce him to French food, wine and culture. Le Flamboire is a cozy and charming restaurant located in the 9th arrondissement specializing in meat and fish prepared over a sizable open flame. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by the chef himself prior to being seated right beside the window where we were able to gaze out onto a typical Parisian street. As a starter, we had the Salade du Flamboire that impressed my father so much he wanted another! The salad is accompanied by goat cheese on bread that has been placed over the wood fire, roasted perfectly to allow just enough crunch to the bread and soft warmth to the cheese. For the main course we dined on rib roast native to various regions in France along with an assortment of sauces to complement the meat. Each sauce gave the meat a whole new flavor that was just heavenly and the sides of potatoes and other vegetables made the meal unforgettable. After we had completed our wondrous meal, we spoke with the chef and shook hands, repeatedly thanking him for introducing us to a new style of French gastronomy. I have yet to have a meal in Paris as memorable as this was.

The Best Restaurants in Paris | AIFS Study


I will never cease to rave about Picard and all its glory. This is a store solely dedicated to frozen entrees, desserts, meats, vegetables and much more. My life has been saved by this place more times than I can remember and the meals that can be purchased here are as good if not better than what can be bought in a restaurant. The immense variety and efficiency of this store have come in handy when cooking just wasn’t an option. Contrary to frozen food sold over in the states, the ingredients are fresh and there is no taste of preservatives or anything else that strays from the food advertised. I have never had a bad meal from Picard and will recommend it to anyone at every chance I get.

Comptoir Moderne

Sadly, I was introduced to this place just two days before my departure to the States, but I am happy to know I will be back frequently to munch on their burgers. As an American in a foreign country, the craving for a burger comes far too often and the ability to satisfy that craving does not come often enough. That is until Comptoir Moderne made its way into my life. The burgers are as big in size as they are in flavor and with the variety offered it may be difficult to choose one at first. The fries are some of the best I have had and they come with an assortment of dipping sauces: ketchup, BBQ, and mayonnaise (trust me, it’s more delicious than it sounds). The onion rings deserve mention as they are perfectly crisp and golden, the ideal side to any occasion. There are of course other things on the menu including some french classics but the burgers are definitely worth the trip.

This post was contributed by Karina Safaoui, who is spending her academic year studying abroad with AIFS in Paris, France.

The Best Restaurants in Paris | AIFS Study Abroad

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