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Reflecting on a Month in Prague

by Kendall Nizza
Reflecting on a Month in Prague | AIFS Study Abroad

Last Updated on June 21, 2019 by Kendall Nizza

  • T-0 Days until I’ve been gone (a little over) a month
  • Czech word of the day: dekuju//thank you

One month has officially passed and I can say with confidence it was packed full of adventure.

My journey started in Detroit and took me to London, Prague, Bratislava, Moravia, Switzerland and soon to Budapest. It’s still hard to believe that I am finally here studying abroad! The reality that I will be here longer than a week or two has set in since classes have started and I have begun to figure out a weekly routine balancing classes, an internship, grocery shopping, and traveling to and from the laundromat — among other daily living necessities.

As I sit here in my little dorm room (which my roommate and I affectionately call “the hobbit hole”), I am overwhelmed with thankfulness for all the opportunities I have had here and God’s provision! Each time I have worried or been concerned about something the Lord has provided as I place the situation in His hands. From being sick, a bed bug scare, my birthday, being sick (again), travel plans, finding great friends, and finding a Christian community the Lord has provided above and beyond anything I could have imagined. I am thankful for my health, no bed bugs, a birthday celebration, safe travels, new friends, and the Christian communities I have been able to be part of since being here! I am thankful for God’s provision and for His goodness.

God has provided in the big ways and in the small.

This past week was my third week at my internship helping teaching English to 1st-3rd graders here in Prague and though it can be tiring, their little smiles and bursts of excitement when they understand something prove to be encouraging even on the most challenging of days. This past week I showed the students a short presentation about myself including some of my favorite things, where I am from, and my family. They were eager to learn more about me and loved making small relevant comments along the way like, “I have a bigger family.” And some small not as relevant comments like “My dad once went to Australia.” Or “I have a pet cat.” I am thankful for their random comments and their quiet giggles when I told them my favorite animal is a moose.

Last weekend a number of us stayed in Prague. After a whirlwind of a month it was a much needed, refreshing weekend to stay “home” and spend time with friends simply wandering around the city and exploring where we live. It’s still crazy to think we are living here for the next few months! We had the opportunity to cook breakfast (shout out to our hotplate), go to a local farmer’s market, wander around the winding cobblestone streets of the city, spend time in a café doing homework, cook a delicious “family dinner” at a friend’s mom’s apartment, sit on a comfy couch and watch a movie (man am I thankful for that), and I got to attend a church service this past Sunday! I am thankful for new friends, new places, figuring out the tram system a little more, home-cooked meals, and church on Sundays.

Whether it’s finding a local community of believers or simply figuring out how to make pancakes from scratch I am thankful for each new experience and blessing along the way. Let us never stop being thankful for each new experience. Let us give thanks for every day not just the ones we would consider “good days.” And let us be thankful for yesterday, today, and for tomorrow—whatever it may hold.

This content was contributed by Kendall Nizza, who is spending the semester studying abroad with AIFS in Prague, Czech Republic.

Reflecting on a Month in Prague | AIFS Study Abroad

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