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Exploring Barcelona: Food Trucks at Zoo Urban Market

by AIFS Customized Faculty-Led
"[Exploring Barcelona: Food Trucks at Zoo Urban Market] | AIFS Study Abroad, Customized Faculty-Led Programs]

Exploring Barcelona has been a great way to discover things that remind me of home.  For example, one thing that I miss from home is food trucks. I am born and raised in So Cal and one thing that I always look forward to doing at home is grabbing delicious food from food trucks and not being stuck inside to eat it. It is great to get out of a concert and, bam,  a line of food trucks are just waiting to serve you. I didn’t realize how much I would miss the delicious variety of food that So Cal food trucks offered. To my excitement, and through exploring Barcelona, I have discovered some delicious Barcelona food trucks.

Zoo Urban Market

One morning, I spotted a poster advertising a food truck market that was taking place near my apartment. My roommates and I told our friends, and we headed over.

It was held at Zoo Urban Market. It was a beautiful set up with over 40 exhibitors. The ceiling was covered with glass windows which allowed natural sunlight to come in and light up the building.

The food trucks were lined up in a row in front of the metros. There was plenty of food trucks dedicated to Indian, Brazilian and Mexican food. We all decided to order different items so that we could see what each food truck had to offer. Also, don’t worry if you’re vegan or vegetarian – the food trucks offered plenty of options!

After eating we decided to explore the other exhibitors. There were vendors selling clothes, jewelry, toys, and much more. It was great to explore the market and listen to the live music playing.

Exploring Barcelona: Food Trucks | AIFS Customized Faculty LedExploring Barcelona: Food Trucks | AIFS Customized Faculty LedExploring Barcelona: Food Trucks | AIFS Customized Faculty Led
Exploring Barcelona beyond the tourist spots

I would definitely recommend exploring Barcelona – or whatever city that you are studying abroad in – beyond the traditional tourist spots. Of course you have to visit places like Park Guell and Sagrada Familia while living in Barcelona. However, don’t forget to keep an eye out for special events. Posters around the city are always changing when there is a new event coming. So, grab some friends, make a day out of it and explore Barcelona!

This content was contributed by Sabrina Medina, who is studying abroad this Spring on an AIFS Customized Faculty-Led program in Barcelona, Spain through the Southern California Foothills Consortium.

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