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The Top 3 Benefits of Being an AIFS Alumni Ambassador

by AIFS Abroad
The Top 3 Benefits of Being an AIFS Alumni Ambassador | AIFS Study Abroad

Last Updated on June 5, 2023 by AIFS Abroad

1. Recognizing (and Using) Skills from Studying Abroad

 “I loved how I had to constantly recall the lessons and skills I’ve learned from study abroad. It pushed me to really think hard and reflect on the experience. I also think this position requires a lot of leadership and persistence, which are two very, very important qualities companies look when hiring.”

Nicole Carrabba, The University of Texas at Austin

  “The professional development calls and training really helped me articulate my experiences abroad in a way that make them relevant to every day life.”

Caity Cobb, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Each month, Ambassadors meet with the Alumni Team for Professional Development training via conference call, to discuss topics like crafting a resume and cover letter, learning how to market your international experience professionally, interview etiquette, and more. The goal is to ensure Ambassadors leave the program with the skills necessary to be successful in the workplace, and to discuss their time abroad in a meaningful way.

2. Staying Connected with Your Study Abroad Experience

“I had a hard time when I returned home and I experienced intense reverse culture shock. Sometimes, I still feel waves of it from time to time. All I wanted to do after coming home from Italy was talk about my time abroad and figure out how I was going to go back and stay involved in study abroad. Being an Ambassador allowed me to not only share my own experiences, but help others follow their desire to study abroad by referring to my own study abroad process and experience.”

Gina Tonno, University of Rhode Island   

“For me, the biggest benefit to being an Ambassador was staying connected with my study abroad experience. All I wanted to do after returning from London was talk about my time abroad. Being an Ambassador allowed me to share my experiences in a meaningful way.”

Danielle Pantano, Florida Atlantic University

It’s an often-frustrating fact of returning from studying abroad – you have so much to say, but it seems that not many people want to listen. Reverse culture shock is a real and challenging thing to deal with, but having an outlet can help! Ambassadors are tasked with talking about studying abroad on campus as much as possible, but in a productive way. At training over the summer, Ambassadors work with the Alumni Team and AIFS Regional Directors to learn how to talk about their experiences in a way that is helpful to themselves and to their audiences.

3. Motivating Others to Study Abroad

 “Knowing my own study abroad experience was life changing, it really helped motivate me to help others on that journey, and I would not be able to have done that without being an Ambassador.”

Caity Cobb, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Currently, less than 10% of American college students study abroad, even though it is becoming easier and more affordable than ever at most schools. Having studied abroad, you know the benefits of international experience, even if it may not be easy to explain it. The AIFS Alumni Ambassador program is designed to help you help others learn that studying abroad is possible, and in that way, keep the study abroad experience alive for you and those you talk to.

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