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Living in La Barceloneta

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La Barceloneta, a neighborhood in the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.  Bianca Guerrero, one of our Barcelona student bloggers, is living in this beautiful Barcelona neighborhood while studying abroad with AIFS. Read on to discover Bianca’s experience of living in La Barceloneta, during her study abroad program.

‘Studying in Barcelona has been a privilege. However, I was even luckier to live in an apartment in the neighborhood known as La Barceloneta.

Old slums to thriving tourist destination

La Barceloneta was once the slums of the old city. However, La Barceloneta is now one of Barcelona’s more thriving tourist attractions.  Le Barceloneta is located on the eastern part of Spain right along the Mediterranean Sea. The beautiful beaches are constantly filled with tourists and locals alike. Whether you’re roaming the strand along the beach, or catching a glance of the charming side streets, there’s never a dull moment in this busy neighborhood.

Delicious food and drink

Every corner has a cute restaurant. I love the traditional Spanish tapas restaurants in La Barceloneta. However, I also liked the more modern hip restaurants which served pretty much anything you want! Additionally, this neighborhood is characterized by it’s abundance of coffee shops. Locals come packing into them every day. My favorite coffee shop in Barceloneta was called Ke. It was great to have such a beautiful shop just a short two minute walk from my apartment. I would always order the European favorite, Café Con Leche. Delicious

Small town, big city

La Barceloneta has a small town feel to it. Barcelona is a big city but La Barceloneta gave me a place to call home.  However, Barceloneta is completely different than my small hometown in California. I’ve never had the experience of being able to walk a minute from my apartment to grab a burrito, coffee, or some groceries. Living in Barceloneta meant that I had the experience of getting to know people locally. For example, I got to know the owner of my local grocery store and I was welcomed and served by usual by my friendly barista from down the street. These simple things are what truly gave meaning to my study abroad experience. I felt like a ‘real’ local.

Travelling to a city for a week or two is not the same as living abroad. You aren’t able to get these experiences unless you live here and integrate into the culture. You can only understand what it is like after living in the city for a while. Furthermore, I am so happy that I was able to become fully immersed in Spanish culture by living in La Barceloneta. I now have a new perspective that I will always carry with me.

This content was contributed by Bianca Guerrero one of our student bloggers. Bianca is studying abroad on the Spring Semester AIFS AIFS Customized Faculty-Led program in Barcelona, Spain through Mira Costa College.

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