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#FlashbackFriday: AIFS Students Visit Pompeii, Naples and Capri

by AIFS Abroad
AIFS Students Visit Pompeii, Naples and Capri in Italy | AIFS Study Abroad

Last Updated on March 3, 2020 by AIFS Abroad

Here are a few great pictures from AIFS students making memories together on a weekend trip to Pompeii, Naples and Capri with Prof. Massimo Betello, Ph.D. in Archaeology.

We walked through the cobblestone streets of Pompeii, the Roman city buried by the eruption of the great volcano Mount Vesuvius in AD 79. We even hiked the top of Vesuvius volcano to admire the splendid panoramic views across the bay.

We also spent an entire day exploring the beautiful island of Capri! Before returning home, we visited the unique collection of marvelous objects, artifacts, statues and mosaics found during the excavations of Pompeii in the National Archaeological Museum.

A great advantage of studying abroad with AIFS is that all programs include cultural and travel activities as part of a very robust base package. You may add optional travel to your itinerary, but you won’t miss out on a full study abroad experience if additional travel is just not in your budget.

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