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Why You Need the Window Seat on Your Way to Study Abroad

by Nathan Perkins
Why You Need the Window Seat on Your Way to Study Abroad | AIFS Study Abroad

Last Updated on June 21, 2019 by Nathan Perkins

First impressions shape your entire perception of any experience. Your first impression of your time abroad develops long before your feet step upon foreign soil. If I have any advice to give new travelers, I say to you: do everything in your power to secure yourself the prime real estate which is the window seat.

On approach to London for my summer excursion, the view was something almost indescribable. Almost.

The closest thing we come to time traveling is flying across time zones. Seeing one sunset from above the horizon and another rise moments later as you lose hours of your life to the sky is incredible. A gradient of burnt orange fading its way into soothing blues with no hue in between left untouched. A layer of iridescent auburn honey sinks beneath a pure and crisp mountain stream. Colors which take you to places of your mind you have never encounter prior. All of which rests above the thick membrane of clouds separating you from the comfort of the earth. Oh, the clouds. Whomever first described clouds as fluffy sought to deceive you. Clouds are jagged, they are rough. Edges pointed and sharp like matte grey blades held to the throat of the luscious skyscape. Much like that of Greek ruins, marble columns, split, fallen, and cracked, littering the atmosphere with their unique pattern, worshipping the heavens.

Then, in an instant, it is time to land. You have accelerated your mental metronome to account for the descent. The aluminum tip of your vessel pierces the veil withholding you from your destination. Formations peak through the surface, constructing fractals below of infrastructure, buildings, and landmarks. Land so familiar, and somehow equally as estranged. Anthills become monoliths as you descend from your otherworldly exhibition. It all blinks by, meanwhile the landing gear catches the asphalt and brings your journey to its conclusion.

Every day we look up at the sky in one place or another. We may grant it a few minutes of our gaze, but never can you truly appreciate it, until you join it. Many of us will only get such opportunity as a rarity in our lifespans. Therefore I enthrall you, spoil yourself, reserve yourself a seat with a portal to this seemingly alien dimension. For the in-flight movie may be complimentary, but the glimpse of heaven is unforgettable.

This post was contributed by Nathan Perkins, who is spending his summer studying abroad with AIFS in London, England.

Why You Need the Window Seat on Your Way to Study Abroad | AIFS Study Abroad

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