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Andrea Fernández Velázquez

by AIFS Study Abroad
AIFS Program: Paris, France
Home University: University of Houston


My name is Andrea Fernández Velázquez. I am a senior at the University of Houston pursuing dual degrees in Journalism and World Cultures and Literature with a concentration in German, and a minor in French. I am fluent in Spanish, English, and German, and I have been learning French for more than two years. I believe learning and improving the knowledge of a language cannot be done better than through an immersion program. For this reason, and because I would love to become fluent in French, I decided to do a study abroad in “La Ville-Lumière,” — Paris. I love laughing, and I have two types of laughs: the silent one, and the laugh that sounds as if I were coughing — the latter one sometimes ends up being funnier than the actual joke/funny moment.

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