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Where to Eat in South Kensington, London

by Danielle Pantano
Where to Eat in South Kensington | AIFS Study Abroad | London, England

The only thing better than getting to spend a semester abroad in London is getting to spend that same semester living, and eating, in South Kensington. South Kensington — yes, I may be just a little biased — is the greatest area in London. Not only is it within walking distance to the Natural History Museum, the V&A, and Kensington Palace, but it is also home to some of London’s greatest restaurants and cafes.

Here are a few of my favorites places to eat in South Kensington, London:

1. Da Mario’s

Restaurant Type: Italian

This was hands down my favorite of all the places that I found to eat in London, and I don’t say that lightly. This is a quaint little trattoria nestled right on the corner of Gloucester Road and Queen’s Gate Terrace. Their thin crust Margherita pizza and their Pappardelle Aurora are two of my favorite dishes. All of their dishes have that fresh and authentic Italian taste. Every time I go back to London, this is a must eat at for me!

2. The Muffin Man Tea Shop

Restaurant Type: Traditional English

If you are looking for somewhere cute and quiet to enjoy a spot of afternoon tea, this is the place. Located right off of High Street Kensington on Wrights Lane, this little gem is one of the best places. Not to mention they have some of the best prices! For just £6.60 you can get a pot of tea, a toasted English muffin or teacake (with Jam or Honey), AND your choice of one of their many cakes. They also offer all of those items on their own, plus a menu full of sandwiches, pastries, and breakfast options. This place is great for a bite to eat, or even just for a place to hang out and enjoy one of England’s most iconic drinks.

3. Kensington Square Kitchen

Restaurant Type: British

Located right on the corner of Kensington Square and Thackery Street, this is a great breakfast spot. Bonus, it’s also right around the corner from any of you AIFS London student’s classes (Young street and Asa Briggs). They have everything from a traditional English breakfast to a more modern avocado toast. Even their coffees are something to talk about.

4. Gloucester Arms

Restaurant Type: English Pub

I couldn’t not include an English Pub on this list. Their fish and chips were an obvious favorite, but their steak and ale pie was surprisingly another one. Their Sunday Roast also claims a place in my book. For anyone wondering what a Sunday roast is, take a look below.

Some other top choices include: Builders Arms, Byron Burger, Memories of India, and Café Deco.

My list could go on forever, but these places are a good start. When you’re reading about South Kensington, the food isn’t something that first comes up. But if I had it my way, any and all articles about South Kensington would start like this: “South Kensington: A Tale of Great Food.”

This post was contributed by Danielle Pantano, one of our Alumni Ambassadors who studied abroad with AIFS in London, England.

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