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Vlogging My Way Through Study Abroad

by AIFS Customized Faculty-Led

This semester, Jon Reccia is studying in London with Illinois Wesleyan University. Over his semester, Jon will not only be blogging about his experience as an AIFS Student Blogger. Jon will also be creating weekly vlogs of his time here! Let’s see what Jon got up to in his first three weeks!

Week 1: Welcome to God’s Country

This week Jon shares his arrival in London. His first week was filled with AIFS Orientation, AIFS sightseeing tours and afternoon river cruise and moving in to his central London accommodation!

Week 2: The Ministry of Truth

This week Jon’s week was filled with internship meetings, making new friends, attending a Jake Bugg music concert, cultural visit’s to the British Museum and a Football match! He also attended a censorship class in the Senate House which was incredibly interesting as it was one of the locations George Orwell drew inspiration from. Aside from attending cultural events and class, Jon also had time to have a ‘family dinner’ with fellow IWU students and began booking a trip to Edinburgh!

Week 3: Edinburgh

Jon’s third week in London was a bit different to most. This week, he and other IWU students took a trip to Edinburgh! Aside from travelling, Jon did some celebrity spotting at the London premiere for the new Kings Men film, went on the hunt for some graffiti art and watched a play at The Globe Theatre. Jon also took a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland with his fellow IWU peers. Watch below to see what they got up to!

Until next week!

To follow along with Jon’s time in London check out his following social media accounts:

Twitter: @jonrecchia8

Instagram: @jonrecchia

YouTube: Jon Reccia


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