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Vlogging my way through study abroad: From Italy to London

by AIFS Abroad Customized Faculty-Led

Last Updated on March 3, 2020 by AIFS Abroad Customized Faculty-Led

This semester, Jon Recchia is studying in London with Illinois Wesleyan University. To remember his semester abroad, Jon is vlogging – and blogging – about his experiences studying on an AIFS Customized Faculty Led program. So far, Jon has been making weekly vlogs of his time here. Check out weeks seven to nine below:

Week 7: Mambo Italiano

This week I got to spend a long weekend in Italy with my Dad. We started off in Rome, and visited the Colosseum, Roman Pantheon, and Vatican city, while eating as much pasta as we could. We then moved onto Florence where we continued to eat pasta, took a bus tour of the surrounding area, and perused the Uffizi gallery. We capped off our week in Pisa, taking funny pictures in front of the Leaning Tower and walking along the coast.

Week 8: Speakers’ Corner

In week 8, I finally had a full week in London. I made use of this time by catching up on school work, attending a stage play of the Exorcist, seeing a concert at Wembley, and standing in the crossfire at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park. I also met up with some of my family from Cardiff for lunch at a local pub.

Week 9: Bonfire Night

I continued to feed my newly developed addiction to theater and saw a Young Frankenstein musical and The Book of Mormon. I visited a new Borough, Brixton, and ate traditional Jamaican cuisine. I also made plans for a weekend trip to Amsterdam and went to Victoria Park in Tower Hamlets for a Bonfire Night Celebration.

Check out Jon’s previous weeks below:

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To follow along with Jon’s time in London check out his following social media accounts:

Twitter: @jonrecchia8

Instagram: @jonrecchia

YouTube: Jon Reccia

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