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6 Holiday Gifts to Bring Home from Spain

by Victoria DeLisa
6 Holiday Gifts to Bring Home from Spain | AIFS Study Abroad | Salamanca, Spain

Last Updated on December 4, 2019 by Victoria DeLisa

Struggling to find holiday gifts while studying abroad?

Here are some ideas to bring home for holiday gifts — Spain edition!

1. Turrones

Spanish cookies are very popular during the holiday season in Spain. Before heading home for the holidays, be sure to bring a bag (or five) back! Two typical and very famous cookies here in Spain are mantecados and polvorones. These cookies are nothing like you’ll find back home, I promise. Both cookies are popular during the Christmas season, and make for a great holiday gift!

2. Leather

If you’ve traveled around Europe then you’ve realized how beautiful (and reasonable) the leather is, and Spain is no exception! Leather is a great gift to bring home to family during the holiday season. With just €20 you can buy anything from small change purses and wallets to handcrafted belts. Keep an eye out for leather stores around your town in Spain, as some of them may be hidden gems.

3. Saffron

Have a foodie in your family? Here’s your gift. As we know, saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world, but luckily not here in Spain. Saffron is a major ingredient in a lot of Spanish dishes, therefore making it sold at a reasonable price! You can find saffron for about half the price you would anywhere else in Europe, which is a foodie’s dream! While you’re at it, pick up some olive oil (or ñora), two more essentials from Spain for foodies.

4. Abanicos

Abanicos (hand fans) are essential in Spain. In the summertime, it’s rare you will not see at least one just walking on the street to go to the supermarket. The timing may seem off, but it’s never a bad time for a fan. Abanicos are beautiful and can be found with designs and colors that’ll make them a unique gift. Christmas time where you live may be cold, but that’ll mean an abanico is just something to look forward to in the months ahead.

5. Olive Wood

Olive wood is another great gift to bring home. Olive wood makes for beautiful bowls, utensils, or even board games. These hand-crafted pieces are made from old olive trees and can make for a stunning gift to somebody this Christmas. Look for these in tiny shops around town, like leather they could be tricky to find.  

6. Sangria

Of course! How could you go home without a bottle of sangria? As we all know, Sangria is very traditional to the Spanish culture. The sangria in Spain is definitely not like it is at home, so be sure to bring a bottle or two back. Any sangria you purchase — whether it’s homemade or bottled — will hit the spot. If you have no room in your luggage, stopping at the duty-free shop in the airport will suffice!

Like any other country, Spain has its own traditions that it is known for. Whether you’re just stopping by or studying here all semester, be sure to bring something back. If you’re like me, returning home from a semester in Spain will be difficult, so bring back as much as possible. Try and bring a piece of home away from home back with you!

Feliz Navidad y felices fiestas!

This post was contributed by Victoria DeLisa, who is spending her fall semester studying abroad with AIFS in Salamanca, Spain.

6 Holiday Gifts to Bring Home from Spain | AIFS Study Abroad | Salamanca, Spain

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